Pasban Forces School & Academy Rawalpindi


Introduction of Pasban Forces Academy

Pasban Forces Academy (PFA) was inaugurated by the Lt. Col ZafarIqbalAsim (Signal), on 1st February 2016. This institution is entrusted to educate and groom the students for induction into the Pakistan Army Navy and Air Force.

We do not only prepare students in conceptual and academic aspects of the selection process but personal grooming is an essential part of the curriculum. We focus on developing those qualities and personal characteristic among the students which enable them to undertake the selection tests and subsequent training at academies successfully.

The main objective of the Pasban Forces Academy is to prepare students for the entry tests of Military, PAF & Cadet Colleges, all over Pakistan.


Since its establishment, earnest efforts have been made at all tiers to make PFA a dynamic educational entity and an institute par excellence. School and Academy are structured for the strength of 100 boys from class V to X. The students of PFS&A are known as “PASBANIAN” and the motto is “We make Future”.

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