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Habib University was founded in 2010 when the House of Habib established Habib University
Foundation (a not-for-profit organization). The project was launched with a grant of US$40 million.
Construction of the campus in Gulistan-e-Jauhar, Karachi began in 2012 and classes began in 2014.
Habib University’s Vision:
To be a global leader and South Asia’s preeminent undergraduate liberal arts and sciences university.
Habib University’s Mission:
Habib University’s mission is shaping futures. The University accomplishes this mission by providing a demanding, contextually relevant, and engaging world-class liberal arts and sciences education to the most talented students, regardless of their financial capacity or any social considerations, thereby empowering them to build their futures, enrich their lives and become leaders in improving their country and the world.
Habib University’s Values:
Habib University’s values are captured in the Arabic verb Yohsin (يحسن), which is rooted in the core Islamic notion of ʾiḥsān. A multidimensional concept, with no single word corollary in English, Yohsin entails measuring every person’s worth not only by the depth of their knowledge or skills but by the application of their knowledge and skills to both personal self-cultivation and perfecting the world. This core philosophy is reflected in Habib’s five aspirational values for all community members which include:
(1) Strive for excellence
(2) Do what is beautiful in all actions
(3) Nurture passion
(4) Respect all others
(5) Serve the community
The university incorporates a liberal arts education model with cultural sensitivity within its curriculum.
It is mandatory for every student to follow the liberal arts curriculum in all its offered courses. In addition to local regional languages, all students are required to study sociology, history, philosophy – Western, Eastern, and Islamic – and anthropology. The university terms Habib Core Curriculum based on seven “Forms of Thoughts” which include:

  • Historical and Social Thought
  • Philosophical Thought
  • Language and Expression
  • Creative Practice
  • Formal Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Natural Scientific Method and Analysis

Habib University offers six majors (06 Degree Programs) including:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Social Development & Policy
  • Communication & Design
  • Comparative Humanities

The university has affiliations with Stanford University, the University of Michigan, the University of California,
Berkeley and Texas University; allow students to attend summer sessions at these universities through Learn Abroad and Study Abroad Programs. Habib University is regarded as among Pakistan’s most progressive education institutes which is disrupting the higher education landscape. All classes are modeled under liberal arts education after a tutorial system which includes small classes of only 12 students.
Modern education is primarily centered on training individuals to succeed in focused fields of specialization, but in a world with constantly changing dynamics, it is no longer realistic to confine yourself to an isolated field of specialization. Minors are a way for you to graduate with more than one area of specialization, and due to the interdisciplinary nature of Habib University’s major and minor programs, skills learned in both types of specializations can be used interchangeably.
Minors are an integral part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences educational experience at Habib University as they allow you to explore your interests, personalize, and diversify your undergraduate programs.
This unique academic experience will help you develop a critical understanding of the world you live in by giving you the opportunity to engage with, think critically about, and be able to solve the complex problems of today.
Strength of Liberal Arts at Habib University & Student Success The strength of the Liberal Arts model of education lies in its capacity to produce graduates who possess sharp critical minds, a passion for creative and unconventional thinking, and essential leadership skills.
As a Habib University student, you will gain all that along with knowledge from an in-depth study in your chosen major. You will also get the opportunity to engage with a sufficiently broad range of existing forms of knowledge in a meaningful manner.
We are committed to the Liberal Arts and Sciences model of education because of its demonstrated success in producing graduates who have both the adaptability and confidence to succeed in a world of increasingly rapid change and volatility. Your experience in the Habib Liberal Core will empower you to both reflect on and change the world.


Contact Details: +92 21 1110 42242 (HABIB)

Website URL: https://habib.edu.pk

Admissions URL: https://habib.edu.pk/admissions

Online Apply URL: https://eapplication.habib.edu.pk

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