St. Patrick’s High School


In Saddar Town, Sindh, Karachi, Pakistan, there is a primary and secondary Catholic school called St. Patrick’s High School. The school, which was founded by the Jesuits in 1861, is the second-oldest in Karachi. It has been managed by the diocesan clergy of the Karachi Archdiocese since 1950. The Catholic Board of Education in Pakistan oversees the institution, which is owned by the Roman Catholic Church.

The school has produced well-known public figures and leaders during the past 150 years, including two presidents and two prime ministers of Pakistan, two chief ministers of Sindh, one deputy prime minister of India, two cardinals of the Catholic Church, and a number of mayors of Karachi.

Address : Mubarak Shaheed Road, Saddar, Karachi.

 Contact: +92-21-32780485


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